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Green Peel: Services


It is made of eight kinds of plant, contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes and is administered by massaging into the skin. It's used by medical and aesthetic professionals all over the world. The GREEN PEEL® Herbal Peeling Treatment can work for different skin conditions by increasing and/or reducing the amounts of the herbs in it.


Green Peel Fresh-Up makes your skin feel alive and fresh, helps reduce tiredness, and prevents premature aging by enhancing its elasticity. It works as a preventative measure, meaning it is effective even on young, unaged skin.
Duration - 45min

Cost - £125


Green Peel Energy enhances skin texture by improving local blood circulation and metabolism. It does not have a peeling effect. Instead, it is effective in cleansing clogged pores, treating scarring and pigmentation, and making the skin look younger. This treatment gives the skin a silky, even texture.
Duration - 45min

Cost - £185


A “classic” among Green Peel treatments, it is administered to the skin with an energetic massage after a careful skin condition assessment. This helps boost blood circulation, increase local oxygen and nutrition supply, and heighten skin renewal rates. The result is obtained during the next two to five days; the difference is marked due to differences in skin texture. During those days, it is advised you use special skincare products at home. The procedure does have quite a strong peeling effect.
Duration - 45min

Cost - £270


This is a de-pigmentation treatment that is applicable to both body and face. It lightens pigmentation and evens out the skin surface and tone. It also involves detox, which makes the skin rejuvenate and look fresher. Examples of conditions it can be used for are dark circles under the eyes, pigment patches on the skin, pigment from acne and/or whiteheads, and pigmentation from sun damage.

Duration - 45min

Cost - £125

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