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Tinting and Shaping: Services


Ever gotten tired of applying mascaras and removing them without knowing that you are damaging your lashes? We understand your struggle that is why we introduce you to our trendy most popular procedure which itself has been loved by many girls and women all over the world.

In Nara Simone medispa each girl and woman can get their lashes feathered out and never worry about putting and taking off mascara residue, which in its case can cause some sparsing and damage to the eyelashes. This super satisfying and nourishing procedure can only make your lashes appear healthy and stunning under the spotlight. It can enhance your natural look and give the appearance of full, thicker, and long lashes. With our highly skilled and right-trained specialists, you will be provided with all the important information about pre-treatment and post-treatment care. Therefore, get your first procedure in our medispa and be part of that trendy and popular ride. 

Eyelash Lift - £50

Eyelash Lift and Tint - £60

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