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Close-up of problem skin with deep acne


ipixel Acne Scarring: Services


Scarred skin is lingering proof of a trauma as the skin heals by replacing injured skin cells with fibrotic tissue. Compacted scar tissue rarely fades on its own and we generally assume that most scars are left for life. With the Harmony XL Pro iPixel Laser , you can give your skin a fresh start and reclaim smooth, glowing skin in just 30 minutes
Harmony Laser XL PRO iPIXEL (Er-YAG) is an FDA approved fractional ablative laser. It is an extremely effective laser used for skin resurfacing. It is a proven treatment to reduce wrinkles and visibly tighten the skin. Reducing scars, stretch marks and pore size can only be achieved through resurfacing. iPixel can be safely used on delicate areas such as the neck, hands or skin around the eyes. It is an effective non-surgical treatment to tighten and lift the eye lids as well as improve and smoothe skin under the eyes.
Unlike harsh chemical peels, destructive acid, and painful excision surgeries, the iPixel Laser with the Harmony XL Pro system is virtually pain-free and there are very few minor side effects. The laser targets beneath the surface, so there’s no need for numbing, gels, or needles and it’s gentle enough to treat all areas of the body, including sensitive areas around the eye area, neck, chest, and hands. Wherever you have a scar or uneven skin texture, the iPixel laser is safe to treat it.
To achieve and maintain the best possible effect, 3-4 treatments recommended every 4-6 weeks.


Half Face - £200
Full Face - £300

ipixel Acne Scarring: FAQ
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