The Silhouette Soft Thread Facelift

Skin lifting treatment without incisions, provides immediate and natural results. Perfect for sagging jawline, heavy brow, and double chin giving you a fresh, rested, natural look, with full facial movement and expression.

Silhouette Soft® is a technological innovation offering women and men what no treatment has ever provided in such a simple and minimally invasive way. A re-tightening effect for an immediate and discreet result. Regenerative effect for gradual and natural-looking results.

Silhouette Soft involves a minimally invasive procedure, also known as a non-surgical facelift. By inserting a fine and resorbable suspension suture into the fat layer of the skin, the suture and cones structure repositions fat and tissues. Fat and tissue in the face naturally drops during the ageing process, causing ptosis (drooping) and folding of the skin. The procedure results in a natural and rejuvenated look, giving a more fresh and youthful appearance.

Silhouette Soft suspension sutures

PLGA (Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic acid) patented bi-directional cone technology
-repositions fats and tissue
-collagen stimulation around the cones

PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic acid) suspension suture
-fibroblasts stimulate collagen and elastin production around the suture

Silhouette Soft is bio-absorbable and utilises suspension sutures with innovative, patented bidirectional cones along the sutures. Silhouette Soft repositions ptotic (drooping) skin in an effective and safe way.


  • Is Silhouette Soft safe?

    Silhouette Soft suspension sutures are made from PLLA and PLGA (Poly L Lactic acid & Poly Lactic-co-Glycolic acid), that has been utilised safely in medicine for decades. Silhouette Soft suspension sutures have a good safety profile, are minimally invasive and are to be used by a trained practitioner.

    One of the main risks associated from the treatment is infection, as with any procedure performed. The physician will have their own practice guidelines to reduce the risk of infection during the treatment.

    There are various after-care recommendations designed to accelerate the recovery process and to maintain the Silhouette Soft results in the days following the treatment.

  • How long does Silhouette Soft last?

    Long-term effects come from the body’s foreign body reaction, which stimulates collagen synthesis from the activation of the fibroblasts present in the skin. This stimulation occurs in the tissue area surrounding the suture and cones. Collagen production is naturally reduced with ageing and therefore this ‘re-stimulation’ is pivotal to providing long-term improvement of the face and neck contours.

    Results may vary depending on various factors including: the number of suspension sutures used, placement, individual factors and the physician’s technique.

  • Are the effects of Silhouette Soft Immediate?

    Through the repositioning of the fat deposits and elevation of the skin, Silhouette Soft restores the face and neck shape and redefines specifically cheek and jawline contours. The suspension suture and cones technology repositions the skin and fat, particularly around the cheeks and jaw line, to give definition and providing immediate effects.

  • Does Silhouette Soft have any side effects?

    Silhouette Soft can cause a minimal inflammatory reaction, due to the insertion of a foreign body into the skin. This is a well-known reaction and common to all minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. In some cases, patients can experience minor pain, as well swelling and bruising can also occur.

    Slight depressions or skin irregularities and tightness of the skin can occur for a few days after the treatment. All these side effects are relatively short lived however, if you have any concerns following your treatment please do not hesitate to contact your physician.

    There are a variety of post-treatment recommendations to aid in recovery and to maintain the results of Silhouette Soft suspension sutures.

  • What is the recovery period for Silhouette Soft?

    The recovery period for Silhouette Soft can vary depending on a variety of factors, and can be anywhere between a few days and up to two weeks.

    Typically, after a few days you will be ready to go back to work and your daily routine. There are some aftercare recommendations to take into considerations, to acquire the best results.

  • How long will the Silhouette Soft treatment last?

    A typical Silhouette Soft treatment will take approximately 45-60 minutes, depending on the quantity of sutures needed for the desired effect.

    Silhouette Soft provides long-term results due to the collagen stimulation in the tissue. Your physician will have their own preferred timeline for post-treatment consultations to monitor the results and determine your satisfaction with the results.

    The longevity of the results varies amongst patients and these consultations are the best time to consult with your physician if you have any queries about follow up treatments.

  • What Aftercare is needed for Silhouette Soft thread lifts?

    There are a variety of post-treatment recommendations to aid in recovery and to minimise any potential negative effects on the Silhouette Soft® suspension sutures.

    • Apply a cold pack immediately after the procedure if required
    • Follow your physician’s recommendations if they prescribe any analgesic drug or painkillers
    • No makeup to be worn for 24 hours
    • Sleep face up, elevated on pillows (3-5 nights)
    • Wash, shave and dry face gently without rubbing (5 days)
    • Avoid over exposure to direct sunlight and do not use tanning beds (2 weeks)
    • Avoid sports, in particular high impact sports e.g. running (2 weeks)
    • Avoid excessive facial movements (2 weeks)
    • Do not use Turkish baths or saunas (3 weeks)
    • Avoid dental surgery (3 weeks)
    • Avoid facial massages and facial aesthetic treatments (4 weeks)