Hollywood’s favourite oxygen facial!

Madonna, Eva Longoria  and Kim Kardashian love this treatment

Intraceuticals is one of the most advanced and exciting non-invasive treatments offered in the medical aesthetics world! It includes anti-ageing and hydrating facials that combine vitamins, anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid, applied with an oxygen machine. A-list celebrities such as Madonna, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake absolutely love this treatment!

This cutting-edge technology delivers these powerful ingredients directly onto your skin & needless to say, has revolutionized anti-ageing facials. Your skin will be brighter and more hydrated as well as appear firmer and lifted. You will also have beautifully plump skin, and any wrinkles or lines will become visibly smoother.

Intraceuticals uses a three-step Hyaluronic Layering technique which revives, replenishes and protects your skin.
At Nara Simone MediSpa, we offer four basic Intraceuticals treatments and additionally a variety of combination treatments as well.


Deep hydration

Prepare for intense hydration: a treatment perfect for all skin types. By using Rejuvenate Serum, vitamins and antioxidants work to dramatically lift, tone and hydrate your skin. Reveal new enhanced volume and contour to your face, as we calm and freshen your skin. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles instantly – and even see its magical effects continue to improve in the following days.


Pigmentation treatment

The Opulence Treatment, with its combination of botanical brighteners and super concentrated vitamin C, banishes dull and uneven skin tone. Reveal skin that is bright and luminous, with exceptional tone and significantly reduced pigmentation. This indulgent treatment promises instant results that just get better and better in the days after. It can even be applied to the décolletage and as a hand treatment, for a complete body glow.


Acne treatment

Problem prone skin is a problem no longer. By treating impurities and irritation, the Clarity Treatment eradicates oil build-up, resulting in crystal clear skin that looks and feels smooth and refined. A fabulously relaxing treatment, with results that are instant and long lasting.


Wrinkle correction

An add-on to the Rejuvenate, Opulence or Clarity Treatments, the Atoxelene Treatment uses natural amino acids for optimal results. Enjoy the feeling, as your skin lifts, tones and plumps up. Fine lines and wrinkles are dramatically reduced; expression lines smoothed away. You can also enjoy a targeted 30-minute rejuvenating treatment for your eyes or lips.